How to add metallics to your kitchen


One of this years popular trends is adding metallic counters to your kitchen.  Metal enjoys a few additional benefits over traditional stone or granite counter tops: they are virtually indestructible, their non-porous surface creates a hygienic worktop, fear no stains with stainless steel, and they won’t get damaged by heat.   In this blog, I’m going to show you how to combine our amazing kitchen wizard with some basic shapes to open up a world of options!

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10 Great living rooms created using HomeByMe

Living room – the name conjures up many possibilities. In some homes it is almost a shrine, where only the most important visitors are entertained and the kids are kept out. In other homes it is where everything happens and everyone has fun. If it’s going on, it’s going on in the living room. I’d like to think that the ten living rooms presented here are the kind where smiles come first. HomeByMe users deserve a lot of praise for envisioning and then creating these inviting spaces. Prepare to have fun!

HomeByMe celebrates the living room with 10 great examples of user creativity
planiranjedoma – green living room

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