Your profile: It’s about you!


In the internet of things, your profile is your ID card, business card and Address book entry all in one.   We highly encourage everyone to always take the 2 minutes to fill out some information in their profile, you never know who is going to be interested in your work!

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10 Spotlights on your HomeByMe projects

These Spotlighted projects are ten of the best created by HomeByMe community members in the last month. The #1 Project of the Month Winner is selected from these ten and will be featured here in the blog and in next week’s April HomeByMe Newsletter. The monthly newsletter also contains new product information, the top blogs and extra tips and tricks. To subscribe to the newsletter, just follow the easy steps shown in the last image.

HomeByMe lets you create your own 3D home and decor
Projet au 04-03-2015 – created by bisounette

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