Top 5 February project of the month finalists

Every month it’s more fun, but much harder to choose a single project of the month winner. There are so many great new projects every day that we want to recognize five of the projects that were in the running to be the February project of the month until the very end. Please visit them and look around to see how creative and beautiful they are. Use the Immersive Experience to get the whole picture. Or use the larger size 360° view – click on the double arrow.  Give them a Like and let them know that they really are great! You can leave a comment in the Question section below Featured Products.

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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Imperial measurement is now available on Homebyme!

You asked for it, Homebyme did it!


With a strong community around the world, it was natural for our team to do the best and adapt our tool to as many people as possible. That’s why these last few months, we have been working on imperial units for our anglophone Homebyme lovers.

Between you and us, it is a big feature that gave our devs a hard time! Some of you may think this is a simple conversion case… no way! Rounding off in the conversion of metrics was a real headache and required a lot of tests and readjustments. We were not going to launch a feature which will skew all your work on Homebyme! We are now proud of the work done and we hope you will be as delighted as we are.

To shift to imperial measurement, you only have to choose the units you want in your account settings and click on SAVE.


imperial measurement homebyme


Family life – storytelling with Homebyme characters

Every home project is a story about family life just waiting to be told. If you haven’t used Homebyme’s characters lately, you may be surprised at how much storytelling potential they add to your projects.  A home can be gorgeous and inviting, but it is the people and pets that put life into the project. Just by being there, they start an imaginary story. Questions about who, why, what pop up. Before you know it, the project is alive. People and pets are also great for giving a more accurate sense of scale to the project. Here are ten excellent examples of combining a project with just the right characters to involve the viewer in an interesting family life story!

All characters can be found here: Add Product > Decoration > People.

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D
SALON CUISINE – by yanisallier

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