Making My First Move: Details

Welcome back everyone! In this blog series I revisit the process of buying my new home and design decisions as I would have done it had I known and used HomebyMe for all the decisions, perspective and planning that is part of making your house a home.  This is the 3rd blog in a series, the first two can be found here and here.


In this blog we’ll take a look at the final but not least part of the core work before we turn on our inner Interior Designer, The Details.

This is something I learned in all my art courses. The details bring things to life! There are times when you look at a movie, tv show, painting, drawing or in our case a 3D model and instinctly know that something is missing, or not right. Sure it could just be a bad movie, but most of the time, you notice details missing or incorrect through your subconscious. You can’t always place the source of the feeling but your experience tells you it’s not done right.


Your mind tells you to expect something somewhere and if it’s not there, sends you that all familiar nagging feeling. These are the details. In our case, little things like electricity sockets, light switches, cable hook ups, heaters, and all sorts of little doodads that are in your home but we don’t really take notice until we need them or they are not there.


These details also affect our future design decisions. For example, where to put the TV Console? Can I put a picture frame here? Can a cover this area with a 200 lbs dresser!? If the details are not there, and you don’t make an informed decision then you will be in for some hasty re-designing!


So lets get right to adding these!


Pro Tip!

Use the 3D Measure’s toggle in your settings to get accurate placement measurements for all your detail doodads, especially if you have multiple details near each other on a wall!




Electrical outlets, light switches, radiators and more!
You’ll find the majority of your technical elements in two locations. The European electrical outlets are in the BUILD tab, under Technical Elements. You’ll also find gas lines, boilers, radiators and decorative columns here.  Drag and drop them into your 2D plan to place them into your home.  US Electrical outlets can be found in  the FURNISH tab, under For All Rooms, Electrical.  You’ll also find the European outlets in the Furnish tab as well as a variety of light switches.



Air Conditioning, Water purification systems, Security and Automation!
You’ll find some really cool stuff in For all Rooms, Plumbing and Automation, Home Automation. Security consoles, safe’s, video intercoms and the all important smoke alarms! The second subcategory, Plumbing is where you will find all your water purification systems.

In For All Rooms, Radiators and Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning, you’ll find your A/C’s and fans for those of us that live in the warmer climates.   The Radiators sub category has a large selection of radiator styles for those of us in the colder regions.



Add these details into your home before you share them and see people’s reaction.  That little bit of work pays off, for decision making or convincing a skeptical mind about that big couch you always wanted 🙂  This is the last step before we enter into our interior design mode.   Save your work under a new name, so you can always use this as a launching point for new ideas or options.

At this point you should be able to confidently start your own project.  When next we meet, I’ll show off my workflow of generating alternative designs using the same project and a few of my novice style choices!

See you then!