How to optimize your interior ?

Even if we do not necessarily live in a studio, our interiors often seem too small or there is a lack of storage… Some simple solutions exist to optimize your interior and save space. With adequate storage spaces and a few tricks you’ll refresh your home! If you’re interesting by a project, simply click on the corresponding image.

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Besides giving a vintage side, interior glass windows optimize the viewing area for a maximum brightness. They separate without closing the spaces. It gives you an impression of enlargement.

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Have you a large family? Bunk beds are always a good option, once the ceiling height is sufficient. You can even hide them aesthetically with curtains.

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Even if we appreciate the comfort of an additional floor in our house, we should admit that the staircase is imposing. Optimize the space below by creating a reading corner, an office, or by installing storage.

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Do not ignore the new technologies. Flat screen TVs, wall hanging audio systems and laptops will create a modern touch without cluttering your interior.

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The walls are often under-exploited areas. Have you thought of the shelves? Storage can reach the ceiling, which can be handy for storing items which are less frequently used.

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Place your sofa diagonally, in a corner: it gives people seated above the psychological impression of more space. It sounds crazy but it’s true!

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As in the project below, if the ceiling height is sufficient, you can create a bedroom accessible by a ladder. You will get a small separated cozy room which won’t occupy floor space!

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Feel free to separate a large room into two small ones by using shelves or through a change of style. The two formed areas will seem smaller, but all the whole room will appear larger.
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To maximize space in your kitchen, the central island is a great solution offering interesting potentials. It facilitates the circulation, and allows many storage possibilities.

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It’s your turn !