How to add metallics to your kitchen


One of this years popular trends is adding metallic counters to your kitchen.  Metal enjoys a few additional benefits over traditional stone or granite counter tops: they are virtually indestructible, their non-porous surface creates a hygienic worktop, fear no stains with stainless steel, and they won’t get damaged by heat.   In this blog, I’m going to show you how to combine our amazing kitchen wizard with some basic shapes to open up a world of options!

The Setup

Here’s what you’ll need before you start the tutorial section of this blog.  If you are not familiar yet with the Build Tab, or using free shapes hop over to our YouTube channel for a quick refresher!


First steps first the floor plan!  For this tutorial I created a 4 room floor level living space with a spacious kitchen and surrounded it with grass border created using a floor separator.  You’ll want to be sure that you enclose (4 walls) the kitchen space using walls or floor separators so the Kitchen Wizard can correctly calculate the space.  Be sure to add windows, most kitchens have a window near the sink.  Currently my window sports a view of snow, snow as far as the eye can see!


Start up the kitchen wizard by switching to the Furnish Tab then selecting Kitchen from the left hand menu.  Selecting a vendor will display all the style options available from that vendor on HomeByMe, however this doesn’t mean we can’t continue to customize :).   Naturally the Summary quote will not be accurate, but you will have all the necessary numbers to take to a store or contractor so they can inform you on your project.   Next click on  the “Need Help Designing your Kitchen” button to start configuring!   After the wizard has finished and you’ve inserted the design into your project, you can still edit, delete or add to the kitchen configuration from the Furnish tab.


Lastly, we want to turn on this nifty little 3D Measure’s tool found in the settings.   This will help us easily move our new counters so they are flush with the walls.  Speed and accuracy is what you get with a simple yes/no toggle!

 Installing new counters


Here is my starting point. I’ve gone ahead and added some decorations after inserting the kitchen design from the wizard. We will now create one free shape cube, size it correctly and use it to quickly generate new counter surfaces for the entire kitchen.


You’ll find free shapes in the Furnish tab, under For All Rooms-> Free shapes.   Select a cube and it should appear near your avatar.  You’ll notice the additional measurements around your new cube, these are added by the 3D Measurements tool. As you move your cube around, they tell you the distance to the nearest object or wall.  You can also type in a value were the distance is displayed.  This is how you align your counters with precision.


First thing we do is change the height of the cube to 2 inches.   This value has worked on all the kitchens I’ve tried that have been created from our kitchen wizard.  The height and depth all depends on your layout.  As I have a U shaped kitchen, I moved the cube to the inside of the wood and made some educated guesses and then refined.  Depending on the amount of overhang you preffer you can add .5-1 inches to both height and depth to get the desired effect.


My final measurements are 65 x 2 x 31.5 inches and thanks to the 3D Measurements tool we know it is 34 inches above the floor.


You can just select the text in the box and type 34 to change the height of the object to an exact measurement.


Turning off collisions means the object will not clip to other objects or walls and will pass through other objects.  Once the height has been set, it is very helpful to switch to 2D view (bird’s eye view) to align the free shape with the original counter.

One section of the U is done!  For the other two, stay in 2D View and duplicate this first free shape (follow this video tutorial to learn how to duplicate).  Rotate, resize and position as we have done as above and all 3 sections will be finished in no time!


Use the 3D Measure tool to help you move the new counter tops to be flush against the walls by changing the value of the distance to the target wall to “0”.

Design Fun

With the counter’s in place all that is left is to select the right material!  I’ll share with you a few of my final selections.




I like this last one the best!  Enjoy, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop by our community site here!