Get inspired by these 8 bathrooms to create your own!

For a long time considered as a secondary room in the house, the bathroom has been able to polish its image over the years. Although it’s still one of the smaller rooms, we place far greater emphasis on it. The reasons for lounging in the bathroom are numerous: an irresistible desire to slip into a warm bath during these winter days or, on the contrary, enjoy a refreshing shower after a beautiful summer day. That’s why, this room has to be pleasant to live and also a convenient place.
To help you find inspiration to create and decorate your new bathroom, we have selected 8 original ones performed by our HomeByMe users.
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American Dream
American Dream #2B by photosecosse


angelaMMLuis by breton.manou


Bourg7 (Essai)
Bourg7 (Essai) by geronimo2


Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan residence by nagual


carré carré
carré carré by famille.francoiscecile


No privacy
No Privacy by aliceC


Nuevo Proyecto
Mi nuevo proyecto 2000 by MAYAMESA


Avec vue sur la mer
Avec vue sur la mer by aliceC


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