Friends’ Apartment in 3D: Oh my God!

How u doin’? Since the show ended in 2004, everyone has been asking the same question: Is a Friends reunion coming to TV? Unfortunately, Courteney, Jennifer and the others have often denied this reunion.

But don’t worry, following the How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory‘s apartments in 3D that we recreated a few weeks ago, we decided it was time to recreate one of TV’s Best Series of All Times’ apartment in 3D: FRIENDS!

cuisine friends 2


While designing this apartment in HomeByMe, we obviously couldn’t stop arguing about the best bits of the show! So we decided to share 3 of our favorites moments! It’s like we never were on a break!


3/ When Monica proposed to Chandler

monica proposal


2/ The one where Joey and Chandler claimed their newly-won apartment

Joey et Chandler entrée


1/ The one with the apartment bet

the apartment bet friends


Ever wondered what was behind this door: here is a sneak peek!

placard secret monica

VUE plongeante friends

But obviously, so many other episodes were awesome and have left a mark on a us! Don’t hesitate to share your favorite episodes with us on our Facebook page!

PS: Great job to Guillemette, our marketing intern, who spent a couple hours designing this amazing apartment!

PS1: My personal favorite episode: The one where Brad Pitt hates Rachel! 

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