Exploring New Designs: Living rooms



If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the living room is its playground. On average it is the most spacious room in the house and one where you spend the most amount of your free time with family and guests.

In this blog we will go over some key things to keep in mind when designing iterations and creating new looks for your living room. In the previous blogs in this series we covered the bathroom and kitchen and discussed ways to best use the tools in HomeByMe to try new ideas.


Out of all the rooms in the house, the living room is the most flexible room in the house where most group activities will take place. While we go over ways to create a new livingroom theme try to fight the impulse to use up all available space with furniture. You’ll need that freedom of movement for flexibility.

I would also humbly suggest you don’t put anything that you mind loosing or breaking in this room.  I look back at all the things I’ve broken and the scene of my accidental adventures seems to be centered in this part of the house.  Definitely choose durable furniture 🙂

As a gamer I am also acutely aware of how many homes have console gaming systems with 3D cameras but not enough space to use them.  You’ll find they do need a hefty amount of free space.  Being able to quickly relocate furniture with out damaging it or the floors is another great consideration to keep in mind.

Primary and secondary key elements

Choose a primary and secondary key purpose or role for your living room. In my home it is where we watch tv, and store all the kids toys. So a comfy low couch and lots of storage and free space are my three key elements of my living room. To others it might be relaxation, music and warmth.  In which case a fireplace might be in order.

Each home will have different needs but never give up on your ideas!  There are many ways to overcome individual hurdles in today’s market.   Want a fire place but don’t want to take down a wall to put one in, there are options for that!  Glare bothering you but you don’t want to buy expensive blackout blinds, there are options for that too!  Figure out what you need first and you’ll find just the right solution for your space!


We all have guests come over from time to time. On average I know I only entertain 4-6 people at a time. This is a key number when choosing sofa’s and additional seating. Don’t think of a one time a year event like Thanksgiving, but consider your more regular guest needs.

For those times when you entertain more than your average visit, consider how you can quickly re-arrange your living room to maximize stand room.  A very important consideration when buying furniture, that I for one didn’t consider when I was purchasing for my living room.  I actually had to hire a crane to bring my couch in on the 5th floor!


Arm yourselves with these 3 key pieces of information before designing your living rooms. When we were designing ours, we forgot to consider Visitors which results on me sitting on the floor more often that not!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and design away!


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