Customizing your 3D Kitchen


The Kitchen Wizard is one of our greatest tools, but sometimes you just know exactly what you want.  This month we are going to look at every aspect of creating a custom kitchen.  This week we are going to expose all the tools available to you and how they work.  Lets get started with your dream kitchen!

Kitchens have been growing is size as we spend more time cooking at home making those healthy meals.  In 1973 the average kitchen was around 300 square feet, by 2007 it had doubled!  Today we have designers doing 5,000 square foot kitchens. To help us map all our tools we are starting with a a modestly sized kitchen at 400 square feet.


The rest of the space we are going to use for demonstration and samples.

Rooms-> Kitchen Menu


The main menu is broken down into 2 parts:  The Kitchen style selector and the items that are not influenced by the chosen style.  The current designer brand is Ixina and before we go into the Brand sub menu let me show you what you’ll find in the other sub menus.


Faucets had to be given their own sub menu due to the quantity of the options!  The rest of the kitchen hardware can be found under the Kitchen Appliances sub menu.   Additional stand alone kitchen items can be found under Kitchen Furniture.   Lastly  Kitchen Accessories is where you will find all the decorations and “lived-in” items that make a kitchen feel like a home.

Kitchen Style



Clicking on the brand name in the main menu brings you to this menu above.  Here you’ll find the legendary Kitchen Wizard, as well as the full catalog of kitchen furniture that can be ordered for that style.  Additionally you’ll find a quick selection of kitchen hardware under Equipment that has been pre-selected for the style chosen.

You can at any time, before or after you have created your kitchen, come to this submenu and select the brand name “Ixina”.  This will allow you to change your style at any point.   Any kitchen furniture already existing in your project will automatically switch to the new chosen style.

Kitchen Wizard


While it is optional, the Kitchen Wizard is a great tool to help you get started! It quickly analyses the selected room and presents you with a wide variety of starting points.  From there you can add, remove or move around the generated furniture and kitchen hardware.  Then simply insert it into  your project!  You can still make changes even after you exit the Kitchen Wizard, but there is no question that it greatly enhances the speed in which your dream kitchen gets realized.  Here is a quick run down of the process.



Alternatively you could hand craft a varied and unique kitchen right from the get go.  For you dear designer, we have this quick video on that process.

 Finding the right fit


Everything you need, in four categories.   Each category works a little differently though so lets take a quick loot at what you will find in the Base Unit menu:


That is a lot of options, but it is easy to install the right unit.  Each one is configurable after you add to your project as well so getting the exact look is possible.

The Tall and Wall unit menus are similar so we will tackle them together.   Tall units are those that stretch from floor to near ceiling, like the ones that fit a refrigerator inside.   Wall units are wall mounted units, they usually installed over the base units.


Additionally with the Wall Unit menu you can choose what type of doors that come with the unit.  I found these confusing at first so here is a visual guide for each door mechanism.


These are some extensive tools, the combination of which could make millions of unique kitchens.  You now should be comfortable finding the right items within the kitchen category.  Start with the Kitchen Wizard and experiment.  Next week we will go over swapping kitchen units out, changing style and creating a kitchen from scratch!  See you soon!

As always, if you have any questions, please come visit us on our community forums!

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