Congratulations to our September Project of the Month Winner!

Congratulations to our September Project of the Month winner, user mr9sky! Their project, 612, was chosen by our Facebook fans as the best project of September! To celebrate their victory, mr9sky will receive 10 free Realistic Image Renderings! Thank you to all the nominees, and a special thank you to all who participated in the survey to determine September’s Project of the Month! Continue reading below to see the fantastic renderings of our latest Project of the Month winner, and don’t forget to submit your project for consideration next month.

Living room with white couch

As opposed to our colorful last Project of the Month, this month we have a project that leans on the contrast of dark and light. While exploring the project, you can see the juxtaposition of these two shades, be it black furniture with bright walls, or vice versa.

Living room with white couch and TV

The living room displays the before mentioned contrast. The white sofa stands out from the dark wooden walls and black framed windows. The contrast combined with the simple design makes the room pop.

Kitchen with dark wood cabinets

The kitchen remains constant to the theme, even mixing the cabinets with a combination of dark and light. The double door oven and counter top range give a modern air of class and sophistication.

Dining room in living room

In between the kitchen and living room is an open plan style dining room. The simplicity of the room is simultaneously sleek and comforting.

Bathroom with marble counter

The bathroom is highlighted by a gorgeous marble counter with stylish wooden cabinets. The glass shower completes the look.

Bedroom with king bed

Finally, let’s end our tour by taking a look at the bedroom. Immediately eye-catching, the room plays off the many contrasts present. The glass wall and mirror, wooden side table, and white walls nicely blend to form a uniquely upscale bedroom. Thank you for joining us for a tour of project 612, and congratulations once again to user mr9sky for a wonderful project design!


Please remember that every project creator has the option to continue developing any of their projects. When you go to a linked project it may be different than at the time the images above were created. Creativity continues, regardless of the clock!

It’s your turn now!

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