Christmas time: How to cheer up your home?

Cheer up your house this holiday season without overwhelming your home with tons of red ribbons, gold reindeer and glitters. You don’t have to accumulate accessorize to create a welcome and warm atmosphere. So forget about multicolored decorations all over your stairs, doors and furniture: keep it simple, sober and elegant. Those 6 tips will help you transform your home into the best place to be for Christmas and New Years’ Eve.



1- Choose an unconventional tree

The first thing to do in order to welcome Christmas spirit into your house is to choose the perfect Christmas tree. This year, people asked for sobriety and design, choosing or even creating minimalist trees (using string art to draw a tree, reusing scrap wood, putting a dried tree in a design pot, using washi tape to draw a Christmas tree on the wall).




2-Create a sober and natural centerpiece

Here again, don’t accumulate: you can make a beautiful centerpiece with no more than origami, pine branches, white candles and silver stars.




3-Add one fun decoration for the children

Christmas is a magic time children love, so don’t hesitate putting one fun home decoration into the lounge for them, just like this cute wood reindeer.




4-Choose sober colors and geometric patterns

Black and white can be great colors for Christmas; they add elegance and minimalism to your home




5-Add shots of red

Adding shots of red accessorize such as Poinsettias, red lanterns or red candy cane in a glass jar are a great way to cheer up your home.




6-Fill glass cylinders with ornaments

Glass domes are definitely elegant: add some in your centerpiece and fill them with pine cones or pine branches. The best part is that you can re-use them for New Year’s Eve, filling them with glitters or gold stars.