Placing things with precision


You have a choice of many tools to help you plan your new home or home renovation.  Some are very very complex and very expensive and naturally very exact.  Some are not.   Additionally you also have the option of working in the more traditional 2D and the (in my opinion) better 3D environment. offers you an easy to use, free, and most importantly allow to you be as exact as you want with the flexibility of both 2D and 3D presentations!   Hard to believe right?  Lets take a look!

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Your profile: It’s about you!


In the internet of things, your profile is your ID card, business card and Address book entry all in one.   We highly encourage everyone to always take the 2 minutes to fill out some information in their profile, you never know who is going to be interested in your work!

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Customizing your 3D Kitchen


The Kitchen Wizard is one of our greatest tools, but sometimes you just know exactly what you want.  This month we are going to look at every aspect of creating a custom kitchen.  This week we are going to expose all the tools available to you and how they work.  Lets get started with your dream kitchen!

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How to add metallics to your kitchen


One of this years popular trends is adding metallic counters to your kitchen.  Metal enjoys a few additional benefits over traditional stone or granite counter tops: they are virtually indestructible, their non-porous surface creates a hygienic worktop, fear no stains with stainless steel, and they won’t get damaged by heat.   In this blog, I’m going to show you how to combine our amazing kitchen wizard with some basic shapes to open up a world of options!

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