Celebrate your holidays in style!

Put your party clothes on! Get excited about being with the people who are exceptional to you. Then head out and have some fun!

When it comes to celebrating, these projects have it covered from top to bottom. Each home has an ambiance of elegant relaxation, plenty of space for mingling, comfortable seating and probably the best food and drink around. Treat every party this season as a special occasion and enjoy it with your family and friends with style.

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D
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Top 5 November project of the month finalists!

Five of the top projects of November deserve our special attention. It is quite an accomplishment for the creators! All five should be congratulated for their imagination and effort. Click on a picture and visit the ones that you like best. Make sure to explore the project’s MEDIA tab to see the images they’ve created to show their creations at their best. And in the best of your holiday spirit give them a ♥ too!

HomeByMe helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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Selency, the new brand added to the HomeByMe catalogue

Created in 2014 by passionate decorators and antique objects, Selency arrives on HomeByMe with its second-hand furniture and vintage quality deco ! You can now decorate your home with vintage, Scandinavian furniture, design and decoration by professionals. Discover more furniture on their website : https://www.brocantelab.com/


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