Ensure equal access – use the adjustable Homebyme wheelchair

The most important reason to create your projects using Homebyme is the ability to easily see how people use and respond to the spaces and furnishings around them. As the world pays more attention to the needs of individuals using wheelchairs, new international, national and local personal mobility laws are being written and enforced to improve the quality of life for everyone. The United Nations has devoted extensive time and effort to develop guidelines for determining personal mobility regulations around the world. We are all one people in our need to move about and live our lives.

Now you can easily include design solutions for people using wheelchairs in your projects all over the world with the Homebyme wheelchair that you can adjust to meet local standards.



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Top 5 September project of the month finalists

Jgypk.golyatabor17brigita0378kaabourihfabien and garfieldeliot03 are the top five finalists for September! Congratulations to each of them for creating such great projects!

Find a project you like and click on either of the images to be taken directly to the project. To explore every nook and cranny, click on the yellow IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE button. When it finishes opening, you can look around as much as you want. Make sure you click on the MEDIA tab too so you can see the images the designer has created. When you’re done, show your appreciation for their imagination with a LIKE and even ask a question or make a comment! They’ll receive an email with your thoughts.

It’s a good way to meet more Homebyme community members!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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Top 5 August Homebyme project of the month finalists

Congratulations Camille-ldagorno, DianeSar, Sborderie, Marie.henvel and ThomasD44!

Only one project is the winner of the Project of the month contest – but we recognize the top five finalists here in order to showcase even more of your fantastic projects. Each of these projects is worth taking a look at. When you do visit them, be sure to click on the MEDIA tab to also see the images that they’ve created. They often include more great realistic renders and floor plans. Click on the LIKE button to let the creator know that you’ve enjoyed their efforts. Or, go a little crazy and leave a comment or question! They’ll receive an email with your thoughts and can respond. Have fun!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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