10 Great living rooms created using HomeByMe

Living room – the name conjures up many possibilities. In some homes it is almost a shrine, where only the most important visitors are entertained and the kids are kept out. In other homes it is where everything happens and everyone has fun. If it’s going on, it’s going on in the living room. I’d like to think that the ten living rooms presented here are the kind where smiles come first. HomeByMe users deserve a lot of praise for envisioning and then creating these inviting spaces. Prepare to have fun!

HomeByMe celebrates the living room with 10 great examples of user creativity
planiranjedoma – green living room

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10 Great kitchens created using HomeByMe – January

Kitchens are the true centers of our homes. Big or small, lots of people or just a few – a gathering always ends up with most of the people in the kitchen. To celebrate the importance of the kitchen here are 10 great examples that show off the creativity of HomeByMe users!

HomeByMe celebrates the kitchen with 10 great examples of user creativity
fonfonette – ma maison

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10 Spotlights on January projects

HomeByMe users create great projects! Here are 10 projects that deserve a special spotlight. In our monthly newsletters (see the last image to find out how to subscribe) we  spotlight four projects and they are included here from the January newsletter with much larger images so you can really check them out. Have fun and find new ideas to use in your own projects!

10 Spotlighted HomeByMe interior design projects
gregoire.clair – Arne furnished

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Best of the Best 2014 – Newsletter Spotlight Winners

We all make great projects, but we don’t all see them here in the blog. Our monthly Newsletter, which you can sign up for by clicking on the box right on your profile page, Spotlights four user projects every month. These are carefully chosen to be amongst the best projects uploaded during the month before the Newsletter is released. We’d like to celebrate them all here at one time in one place. Enjoy!


HomeByMe Spotlights four member projects in their newsletter every month
laurine51 – salon 1

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