August project of the month winner!

Anigbl has won the August Homebyme project of the month with her beautiful project Home and because of her imaginative approach to exploring multiple options. We all spend much of our best time at home relaxing in the living and dining rooms. Anigbl has put a special effort into making those two rooms fit her needs. A single large open space is a great start. Couches make a comfortable grouping for socializing and enjoying TV.



A large wood dining table dominates the dining room and provides space for eight place settings. The eclectic group of decorative pieces and wall hangings give a strong feeling of personal style and will draw you around the room to see everything.



The imaginative extra step that Anigbl has taken is to create two living/dining room options! The one we were just visiting is on the left below with the same dimensions and features, but built as a separate room. The second option is part of the whole house to the right. This is a great technique for making sure the most important rooms of your project get lots of design attention and help generate better feedback.

002-A-whole-project-600 color 2


Having the two options side by side is a really nice way to make easy comparisons. In this second version the living room and dining space are reversed. Now the entry is dominated by the fireplace and the novel stairs. The entertainment area is tucked neatly into the space defined by the short wall.



Just beyond the slightly more cozy dining table and shelves is the sliding door which leads to the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Having two concepts side by side is a great way to be able to view and discuss the merits or each design approach!



Before we go into the other part of the home, let’s head up the stairs, which are just to our left. You’ll find a nice roomy office space with an open view of the living/dining room below. It’s a delightful spot to work and still be in the middle of what’s going on.

003-D-c1-600-border mods


The master bedroom is also upstairs with lots of privacy and enough extra room for relaxing seating and another working/playing space.



Back downstairs we’ve gone through the sliding doors into the kitchen. There’s easily enough space for both cooking and having casual meals.



Right across the hall is this beautifully geometric bathroom. It’s clean and elegant.



Sliding glass doors provide lots of light and the cheerful use of bright color make this bedroom a wonderful private space.



A student would find this bedroom to their liking. The desk has a ton of room for stuff and the bed on the floor is just right. It’s definitely “Part of the solution” for a place to call home.



A second big bathroom is always welcome in a busy household and this one is bright and cheerful. Top to bottom, it’s a great home no matter which living/dining room option you like best!



Now it’s your turn!


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